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Dust Floor

Bin Floor

Stone Floor

Spout Floor

Ground Floor and Roundel

There were a number of wooden buildings adjacent to the mill. Only the concrete foundations of some of the original buildings can be seen today. These buildings were storage sheds and included the miller's office. Only one oak-framed Mill Store can be seen today and is a recreation of the original and faces the windmill access door. Grain arriving at the mill for milling and flour leaving by horse and cart transport would be passed through this building. Today it includes a kitchen / souvenir shop and toilet facility.



Several of the photographs and diagrams for this Virtual Tour have been kindly
supplied by Dave and Hazel Picton


Webmaster : Simon PotterThe access door into the mill is directly in line with the Mill Store. Through this door one enters a building known as the Roundel, which completely encircles the base of the tower and provided storage for grain and flour. The roof of the Roundel provided a reefing stage, access to which is through the white Miller's Door above. Once on the stage the miller can gain access to the chain mechanism which adjusts the sweep shutters open or closed and thus the speed of the milling operation.

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