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Website Design : Simon PotterDuring 1997 the North barn was, in part, reconstructed affording more space with seating, tables and video viewing facilities plus a small kitchen from which light refreshments are offered to the visitors.

West Blatchington Windmill

The fabric of this Grade II* listed building is maintained by the Brighton & Hove City Council with the internal restoration, purchase and display of exhibits and opening to visitors, carried out by the Friends of West Blatchington Windmill. In 1999 a major restoration of the exterior was undertaken thereby ensuring that the mill will be preserved for many years to come.

A wide selection of souvenirs is available in the gift shop ranging from small items for the youngsters to books and pottery etc. for the adults.
[Text : Peter Hill]

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A letter from California . . .

Dear Peter

It was good of you to respond so promptly to my request last month for a copy of the new booklet on East Sussex Windmills . . . . . I have to concur with your appraisal of the booklet, but that said, there are several illustrations on account of which I am very happy to have it; the old postcard view of Boreham Street, I think, is particularly lovely and, albeit out of context, I do happen to have a soft spot for the Margate Mills which my Father photographed in 1912 with my Mother standing between the two mills in pretty much the same position of the figure in MLF's postcard and the University of Kent used this photo of his for their poster advertising the exhibition of his work which was staged in the Graphics Gallery of the University's Templeman Library when the collection was put into its custody.

Thank you, too, for so thoughtfully enclosing the West Blatchington leaflet, recalling memories from long ago. When I first knew Syd Simmons, more than 70 years ago, he still lived with his parents in North Lane, Upper Portslade. At that time I lived near Haselmere and we often visited each other. Whenever I stayed at his home we also invariably set off on our cycling explorations along a little narrow lane through Hangleton, under the line of the Dyke Railway and passed West Blatchington and Patcham Mills, then seemingly out in the country. West Blatchington was quite a rural village with its windmill the centerpiece of a lovely rustic scene; just how all that has changed is strikingly apparent from the street plan on your leaflet.

With kind regards and all good wishes
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West Blatchington Windmill

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West Blatchington Windmill