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The mill now completely restored, operating and grinding Stoneground Wholemeal Flour is a popular exhibit at the Museum.

All the machinery in the mill is powered by a cast iron waterwheel, which was made at the Chorley iron foundry in Cocking, and replaced an earlier wooden wheel. The present wheel is a 12 foot diameter overshot wheel consisting of 40 buckets.

Lurgashall watermill - Photo : Allen Davis

Machinery seen in the mill on the ground floor, includes all the gearing from the pit wheel through to the stone nut that drives the runner stone, together with the meal bin. On the first floor can be seen the mill stones, grain cleaner and sack hoist.

Unlike the original site at Lurgashall, there is inadequate natural surface water on the present site to maintain the level in the upper pond when the mill is working. This has been overcome by installing an electric water pump, which re-circulates the water back to the upper pond.

Lurgashall can be visited when the Museum is open, and there is an admission charge to the Museum. More information can be obtained from

[Text : Robin Jones]

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Lurgashall [Drawn by R G Martin]

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