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The Roundel

When the mill tower was first built a wooden walkway or Reefing Stage was built around the tower at the height of approximately 2.5 metres from the ground. This stage was supported with struts built into the side of the tower brickwork. However, for a commercial mill to operate successfully additional storage space was needed for the incoming grain and outgoing products. So in about 1880 the Reefing Stage was completely replaced with an enclosed brick room (The Roundel) which again totally encircled the base of the tower and the roof of this building then provided access to adjust the shutters on the sweeps and to operate the sweep brake. As before access to this stage was via the Miller's Door on the Spout Floor.



Webmaster : Simon PotterWhen restoration commenced in 1998 it was agreed that the original building was unsafe due to years of abuse so The Roundel was completely rebuilt copying the original design and materials.

As you enter through the door of The Roundel you can see to the left and right how light it is due to the three semi-circular spider's web windows and in part from the white walls which would have been coated in limewash.

Click in the doorway to enter the ground floor of the tower.

click here to enter the ground floor of the tower 

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