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Stone Cross Windmill

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Ground Floor



When entering the main door of the Roundel you immediately face the original entrance to the windmill tower. The tower was built first and the Roundel added at a later date. Walking up the ramp in the entrance to the tower one can observe the width of the walls, which are rendered and then painted on the outside to improve waterproofing.

Immediately on the left hand side are the stairs, rebuilt to the original design, which provide access to the next floor. On the handrail is an anchor point for the control rope to the sackhoist mechanism on the Dust Floor at the top of the tower.


Webmaster : Simon PotterThe chain used to raise sacks is immediately to the front whilst to the left and right positioned in the tower walls are semi-circular cast iron "spider's web" windows which are a unique design.


Most of the original beams supporting the floor were saved by the millwrights scarfing in new ends to replace the originals which had suffered wet rot where they enter the walls of the tower. All woodwork has been treated for woodworm and wet rot.

Originally the incoming sacks of grain for milling and the outgoing sacks with product were left standing on the concrete floors. The sacks were always subject to attack by vermin and cats were 'employed' to save the grain. Today as storage we employ wheelie bins, which are vermin proof and more hygienic.

It was on the ground floor that the freshly milled and processed flour would have been put into sacks routed via traps in the floor above, and evidence of this arrangement can be seen in the ceiling.

To the right of the entrance door is the only piece of machinery on this floor. The Jog Scry is in effect a flour sieve and is one of the few machines of its type restored and working in a mill today. The title is short for jogging screen whereby the body of the sieve is connected at the top end to a leather belt connected to an eccentric drive on the Stone Floor. This arrangement has the effect of shaking the wire mesh screen to recover grades of flour still adhering to the discarded bran which has been discharged from the Armfield Dresser also on the Stone Floor above.

The ramp into this floor provides ease of access when moving bins full of grain and also enables visitors in wheelchairs to visit the floor.

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