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For efficient operation of a windmill it is necessary to keep the sweeps facing directly into the prevailing wind. The Fanstage at the rear of the Cap supports an 8-bladed fan which is mounted on a shaft at right angles to the Sweeps. Each blade consists of a wooden vane bolted at an angle to one of the sockets on the iron "star wheel ". Each vane is connected to its adjacent vane by an iron rod for strength. When the wind to the fan blades is dead ahead, the fan will be stationary but should the wind direction change the fan blades will turn in one direction or the other consistent with the change of wind direction.

Webmaster : Simon PotterThe horizontal shaft supporting the fan carries a worm gear drive which transmits the fan motion down through gearing to the outside edge of the curb where another worm meshes with the gear rack around the curb. In this way the fan will turn and drive the sweeps back into wind and the will stop. Thus the sweeps are maintained automatically in a position facing the prevailing wind at all times. The gearing is such that the Cap will rotate 360 degrees for every 3,000 turns of the Fan.

The chain associated with the Striking Rod "rocking lever" can be seen to the left running over an iron pulley.

Access onto the fanstage is provided through a door at the rear of the Cap.

This view shows part of the alternative hand drive to turn the Cap and is a back-up for the Fan should there be a malfunction.

This is the view from the Dust Floor showing the Storm Hatch in the Cap. This faces forward and provides access to the Sweeps from inside the Cap when carrying out maintenance on the Sweeps. One can also see part of the Windshaft and the main breast bearing which supports much of the weight of the Windshaft and Sweeps.

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