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Stone Cross Windmill

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Dust Floor


The sack hoist is the most important item in the windmill. A horizontal shaft or bollard is supported with a fixed bearing in the wall to the right and a movable bearing in a lever at the other end. At this end of the bollard is an iron pulley with an angled face and when the sack hoist control rope (which passes down through all the floors to the ground floor) is pulled the lever carrying the bearing is raised to engage a mating angled wooden friction drive underneath the Wallower. When the control rope is slack the pulley on the bollard rests on the brake which can be used for lowering sacks down through the tower.

The cap of the windmill is supported on a circular cast iron cap-frame underneath which are fitted iron trolley wheels which run o top of an iron curb. To maintain the cap centrally upon the curb there are horizontal truck wheels running against the inner vertical face of the curb.


Webmaster : Simon PotterThe iron curb is cast in eight sections and is bolted together to form a flat track. On the outside of the curb sections is cast a gear rack which engages with a worm wheel at the rear of the cap and driven by the fan gear. This turns the cap to keep the sweeps facing the prevailing wind.

The cast iron wallower is a large spur gear fitted to the upper end of a vertical drive shaft which goes down through two floors to the Great Spur Wheel. The Wallower engages with the large brakewheel mounted on the windshaft to which the sweeps are also fitted.


A large expanding wooden brake band holds the sweeps stationary when not in use.

A large bevel gear, known as the Wallower, meshed with the vertical brakewheel.


The wind power is provided to the vertical shaft which runs down to the Stone Floor.

Grain and flour are stored beneath this floor and the traps in the floor provide access to the Bin Floor. Sacks hoisted onto the Dust Floor from the ground floor are then emptied by hand through the open traps.

  This view shows the underside of the wooden Cap which is of a double skin construction and built around an oak frame. The Cap provides the overall cover to keep out the weather from the machinery in the tower and rotates with the sweeps to face the prevailing wind.

 Click on the door in the cap which leads to the fanstage.  click here to go on to the fanstage

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