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Bin Floor


As this mill is fairly compact in design it was found necessary to use the space between two floors. i.e. the Bin Floor and the underside of the Dust Floor above, for storage of the various materials to be processed. As it is not possible to see the bins, here is a brief description of the design. Wooden walls were installed radially outwards from the centre of the mill tower to the outside wall and extended between the floor and ceiling.

Five such bins were needed to contain (a) the incoming grain for cleaning (b) the materials to be used from milling cattle feed [in two of the bins] (c) the wheat for milling into flour and (d) the meal to be fed into the Armfield Dresser.

   The only part of this floor visible is to be seen to the right at the top of the stairway on this floor. Here is a door which provides an alternative entrance to the meal bin linked to the Armfield Dresser below.

Passing through sack traps [trapdoors] is the floor and ceiling can be seen the chain of the sack hoist. This is used to hoist sacks from the ground floor to any of the other floors.

Webmaster : Simon PotterThe bins would normally be filled by hoisting the sacks to the Dust Floor above so that the appropriate material could be poured through traps in that floor.

  The bin which holds grain for milling into flour has been modified to be vermin proof in the interests of current standards of hygiene.


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